Wari Chora in Garo Hills Meghalaya

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What is Wari Chora?

Wari Chora roughly means something like deep river near a high place.  It’s basically a small canyon, a small hilly river with high hills on  both sides. It’s located in the South Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

How to reach Wari Chora?

The road to Wari Chora doesn’t even show up on Google Maps. So, you’ll  need some local help. The nearest village is Dabalgre while another  major village is Emangre.

Where to Stay for Wari Chora?

There’s one homestay in Dabalgre and one in Emangre. Facilities are limited but it’s that kind of a place.

How much time does it take to Trek to Wari Chora?

It takes around 1.5-2 hrs from Dabalgre to the riverbank which is practically inside the jungle

How long is the rafting route?

Most tourists cross only a small portion of it but it is a river that eventually takes you to the Aginma Wari fish sanctuary near Emangre.

How difficult is it?

It’s not difficult but trekking through not properly marked trail takes some effort if you have never done such things before.

Do we need local guides?

Of course. It has to be done with local guides only.

What’s the best season for Wari Chora?

Naturally the rainy season will be very difficult and dangerous for  traversing the river. This activity is usually done in the dry season  between November to March.

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