Tips for your first Overseas Travel

Traveling overseas can be a very exciting and enjoyable experience. Traveling to foreign countries provides travelers with the opportunity to experience new cultures, foods, and people. However, travel abroad can also be stressful without enough planning. Here are a few tips for maximizing your fun during your overseas travel:

1. Plan Ahead:
Sure, many enjoy the romantic notion of arriving in a foreign country without much of a plan and living spontaneously throughout the trip. However, while this may be the favorite manner of travel for some adventurous people, it can also be stressful for many. While the prospect of spontaneous travel may seem the least stressful way to go, it is remarkably easy to get lost and become overwhelmed in a new place. With at least a rough outline of your travel plans you can enjoy yourself far more without worrying about planning your trip as you go. After all, when you are traveling you should be worried about enjoying yourself, not just searching for things to do.

2. Minimize Cash
This may seem like common sense, but many forget that they should not carry a lot of cash when traveling. Popular vacation spots are very attractive to thieves, as tourists often carry cash and expensive items such as cameras around with them. So, while travelling abroad it is best to use alternative payment methods. Instead of carrying large amounts of cash, use travelers checks, credit cards, or an ATM card to withdraw money as needed.

3. Know the law
Remember that whenever you travelling overseas you are subject to the laws of that country, not your home country. Some areas may have laws that are different from what you would expect, and for that reason, it is very helpful to know the laws of the country you are visiting before you arrive. This should not be a problem for most countries, but it never hurts to do a little research online or at a library before travelling. If you are appllying as a student, or a volunteer, get your documents proofread by a professional properly.

4. Books, Games, Etc.
People often forget that travelling abroad can involve a lot of downtimes. While in airplanes, buses, and taxis it is great to have something to do. If you don’t have books to read you can pick them up at airports, or at your destination. If you aren’t big on literature, magazines are great while traveling. Or, if you want something a bit different you can try a hobby like knitting. You may feel a bit weird knitting on a plane, but it is a great way to pass the time.

5. Drink Bottled Water
When people say, “Don’t drink the water,” they really aren’t kidding. When traveling overseas it is important not to drink the local water. This is because foreign water contains microbes and other substances not present back home. This water is safe for natives because these microbes are familiar to their bodies already. However, travelers should always do whatever they can to drink bottled water or other beverages.

6. Take appropriate vaccination
It might be necessary to take some vaccination depending on the country’s policy or health situation. Some countries require that you have take Yellow fever vaccine before visiting their country. While for the betterment of your health, you should take malaria vaccine while visiting African countries. So to preserve the best health status, you should take appropriate steps.

These are just a few tips to help you enjoy your overseas vacation. Just remember to stay smart and safe and you will have a great time on your trip!

Jitaditya Narzary

Is a traveller disillusioned by the familiar and fascinated with the unknown... and of course the founder of this blog.

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