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An Evening at the Lal Gumbad: Malviya Nagar

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The yearly, vacillating heat and cold wave notwithstanding, I like Delhi simply because I always stumble on something even when I am not looking for them (Although sometimes I do not find them when I am actually looking for them in those labyrinthine alleys of Mehrauli and Shahjahanabad). Anyways, a couple of days ago, while roaming near the Malviya Nagar market, I noticed a reddish dome in the horizon from a distance. As I kept walking towards it and finally arrived at the protected compound surrounded by thickly populated residential localities. The monument turned out to be the Lal Gumbad, one the major attractions yet to be visited by me in the Jahanpanah area (Modern day Malviya Nagar and Begumpur area).

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It is actually the tomb of 14th century Sufi Saint Shaikh Kabir–ud-Din-Auliya. There is a smaller dome behind the main dome and the compound is fairly well maintained with lawns and flowering shrubs. The domes are in a surprisingly good state with little sign of damage. Although some other graves and partially destroyed walls in front of them are in a state of decay. It is also called the Rakabwala Gumbad, which is a reference to the latticework that adorns the walls. As the name suggests, bright red colored stones were used for the construction. I spent an hour photographing it from various angles.

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In case you want to visit this place, just reach the Malaviya Nagar central market and ask around. It should be easy to locate. I will be back with more of Delhi soon.

Jitaditya Narzary

6 thoughts on “An Evening at the Lal Gumbad: Malviya Nagar”

  1. I feel so stupid sometimes. I’ve hardly seen anything inspite of considering myself a pakka Delhiite. Need to start exploring, or I know I’ll regret it. Maybe this will be stop number 1 🙂

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  4. I recently came across this beauty while strolling aimlessly. To my surprise, such a wonderful piece of architecture wasn’t in my list. Lucky that I got to explore it.

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