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How to Bet on Your Favorite Sports Teams While Traveling

Sports betting may not have been legalized in some states or countries, but there’s a high chance of it getting legal soon. In case you find yourself traveling to another region for a holiday, you can pass through an area where sports betting is made legal.

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For instance, some online betting websites in India might become accessible when you travel to some region in the country; you can easily and quickly make a bet. In India, there are five states where sports betting is legal. These States include Goa, Nagaland, and Daman, among others. You don’t have to worry about making deposits and withdrawals when you bet on your favorite team while traveling around these states. This article will teach you how to bet on your favorite sports teams while traveling. Some things to note to help you bet on your favorite teams while traveling include:

  • Gambling in a state that you don’t reside in
  • Sign up and place online bets
  • Adjusting your home address
  • Withdrawals
  • Sportsbooks tracking location

5 Things to Help You Stake on Your Favorite Team While Traveling

There are five things to note both as a new and experienced bettor to help you wager on your favorite team while traveling; they include:

  1. Betting in a State You Don’t Reside in 

A common question most sports bettors ask is, “if one can bet in a state where they don’t reside,” you can. One similarity between states and countries that legalize betting is that bettors must be at least 21 years old. Another similar regulation is that the bet must be placed within the jurisdiction of the legal betting state or country.

So, once you tick all these regulations boxes, you can bet on your favorite team in a state or country you don’t reside in. Some states have reduced the age requirement for gambling to 18 years old. However, before placing bets on any Indian betting sites, you must show your proof of age.

  1. Sign up and Place Online Bets

Another thing to note is that legal betting states are divided into four categories. This classification is determined by the mode of registration and placing bets. The first category of states is the one that grants bettors the opportunity to sign up on Indian betting sites and place a bet online. At the same time, the second category of States allows new gamblers to sign up and put their chances online. But these new gamblers are restricted to the sportsbooks they can bet on. 

The third category of States authorizes only in-person registration access and permits them to place bets online. While the last class enforces that gamblers must perform the registration and betting procedure offline.

The first category of States is the most common regulation across the betting states and countries. It is the best category because of its soothing offers and convenience to bettors. If you wish to bet on your favorite teams while traveling, this category will give you little to no problem signing up and betting. If you are a new bettor traveling through a state requiring in-person registration and betting, placing bets in that state might not be easy. However, you can look for a betting shop to place an offline bet. 

  1. Adjusting Your Home Address

Most gamblers, especially new entries, pause when they see a box that requests them to fill in their home addresses. When you are in a state or country you don’t reside in, you need not worry about inserting your home address when signing up. It doesn’t affect your eligibility to gamble. Just as long as you are within the boundaries of a state that legalized sports betting, you will be allowed to wager, and it is still under the legal backing of gambling regulations.

The common mistake most bettors make is to try to use a fake address situated around the state they are traveling through or to. If you perpetuate this act, you will only cause more issues, especially when trying to confirm your identity. This makes withdrawals or deposits hard for you.

  1. Sportsbooks Tracking Locations

Some new punters get concerned about how the sportsbook system figures out that they are now in a different state. Most Indian betting sites have these features. Although the sportsbooks notify you that you are now in another state, your betting won’t be illegal due to the location service of your smartphone. Once the sportsbook has confirmed your location, you need not worry about legal issues. So, the sportsbook has a safety system that helps you avoid legal issues.

  1. Withdrawals 

You need not necessarily play so many games because you have a limited time frame to spend in that state. You can bet on your favorite team and still win, no matter how little time you spend in that state. When you return to your state where gambling is not legal, you can still make a withdrawal from the wager you placed when you were in the legal betting state. Your earnings from the bets are safeguarded.

Most people travel not just to view new places but also to enjoy themselves while on the trip. Betting is no exception, abiding by these tips; you can be safe when traveling to place bets. Thanks to our expert guest author, who has shed light on how you can bet on your favorite team while traveling.

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