Hipmunk Hotels: Budget-Friendly Hotels in Sonoma, Huntington Beach, and more

From Silicon Valley to Hollywood and from the Pacific coast to Death Valley, there is hardly anything left to be said about California. However, if you do take the opportunity to explore deeper, the state may still surprise you. Here are five cities that you might like to check out during your next holiday.


Sonoma may be tiny in size and have a small population, but it has a big, rich heritage dating back to its Mexican occupation. It’s one of the major wine-producing centers of California, and also hosts an international film festival every year. So, if you get the timing right, you can have a memorable experience here. Budget hotels in Sonoma are typically found away from vineyards. Try the Palms Inn or Best Western Petaluma Inn. Or, if you don’t mind paying a little more, you can have a great luxury experience amidst the vineyards.

Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is best known for its famous Orange County Fair, a 23-day celebration held each summer. If your visit doesn’t coincide with this famous fair, there are still many other events to enjoy, such as free concerts and civil war re-enactments. Costa Mesa is also a smaller and more peaceful option if you want to visit Disneyland but avoid the hustle and bustle of hotels directly within the park. You can find many budget accommodation options in Costa Mesa, including Motel 6 and Vagabond Inn.

Huntington Beach

If you love sun, sand, and surfing, then Huntington Beach is the place to go. As its name suggests, the primary feature of this city is its long sandy beach, which is known as a surfer’s paradise. As a tourism centric city, it’s very convenient and well-equipped to serve visitors. You can take advantage of the cheapest hotel rates in Huntington Beach by visiting during the off-season. For a budget-friendly yet pleasant experience, go for hotels near the beach such as Sun’n Sand Motel and Oceanview Motel.


With its stunning landscapes and delightful wineries, Napa offers an enchanting escape from the busy and crowded metropolises of California. Over the years, it has realized its tourism potential and has developed world-class facilities for visitors. The food and wine trails here are second to none. The good news is that despite its fame and reputation as a world-class destination, Napa still has many cheap hotels that offer an ideal balance between comfort and affordability. Some of the city’s best value hotels include Wine Valley Lodge and Napa Discovery Inn.


If you think California is all about IT and wine, pay a visit to Concord, the home of the Concord Jazz Festival. Families with children can visit Pixieland, while music buffs can head to Sleep Train Pavilion to catch great concerts in the summer. For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s the Contra Costa Canal Trail,  scenic pathways ideal for walking, biking, and horseback riding. Vacationing in Concord doesn’t have to be expensive because there are a lot of affordable hotels in Concord, such as Clarion Hotel and Days Inn.

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