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Budget Travel Destinations of 2018

It is true that travelling can cost quite a lot at times. But if you just want to discover new places without really worrying about a specific list of destinations, there are few countries which are budget-savvy. Make your 2018 worthwhile by visiting the most affordable destinations all around the world.


Thailand is very popular with backpackers due to many small reasons- it is surrounded by calm islands, has a rich culture, consists of beach huts, the food is good- and all is available at low prices. Even if the routes are normally frequented by many travellers, it is very easy to get away from the crowds. You can travel to Nakhon Si Thammarat for the best food which the country has to offer! You can also hire a bike or a car and make trips to the lush forest, or visit the mountains.

South Africa

One of the best things about visiting South Africa is that you can have the best possible safari experience as the Big Five is the thing there! And, that too without breaking a tight budget! You can head to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to admire the white rhino and to stay away from the crowds of Kruger. For elusive hiking, you can travel to Drakensberg  and you should definitely spend a few days in Cape Town.


Many travellers have the tendency to think that travelling to Egypt cost a hell lot of money! But, that is not the case. For instance, if you want to visit all the pyramids and Valleys of the Kings, it might be costlier than expected. But you can limit the places you wish to visit by choosing some specific sites like ancient sights. Also, there are many hotels and restaurants which are very budget-savvy; you just have to check for the best deals. Now, if you still want to get a glimpse of ancient Egypt and their culture, you can try Temple of Isis Slot at Just Cash Bingo. On this top slot game, you will discover the ancient hieroglyphs engraved in pyramids and the ornaments which was once the possessions of the lands of pyramids.


India was and still is one of the ultimate destination for budget travellers. All around the world, there are hardly any countries like India- where you can visit majestic palaces and eat really well for low cost. If you want a beach escape, then you can add Goa to your list. It is made of pretty beaches! For good food, you might want to walk onto the streets of Mumbai; you will find delicious pani puris and kebabs. Make it a must to visit the city of Jaisalmer where you can walk amidst the endless sands.

As this year is about to end, it would be best that you pick any of these destinations for 2018. You can find out more about this destinations by checking the accommodation costs, so that you are sure which one will suit your budget perfectly.

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