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Bhedaghat Marble Rocks, Jabalpur: So Near Yet So Far

Every guide in Bhedaghat is a Kareena Kapoor fan. Everyone claims to have witnessed the shooting of that disastrous movie that took place around these marble rocks. Some of them are actually teenagers who were probably not even around when the 2001 release was being shot. In case you are still wondering, this song should do the trick.

Now coming back to Bhedaghat, I was in Jabalpur only for a few hours. I had read about the marble rocks as a child and so wanted to see it. Bus to Bhedaghat were easily available from Jabalpur city. I had done no preparation for this. It was just a momentary detour from another journey. As I reached Bhedaghat I realized that my timing could not have been worse. Basically boating in the river for tourists is closed down during the monsoons. It was already past monsoon but the service had not started yet. I was told that the service will officially start the next day. The best way to view the rocks is from the middle of the river and I missed that by being able me day too early! So all I could see was a series of shops selling souvenirs made of… you guessed it, marble!

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Anyways, I first paid a visit to the Dhuandhar falls which was slightly higher up. It had a strong flow and the entire stretch was foggy, true to its name. But it was too crowded and I came back soon without trying the ropeways.

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I visited the Chausath Yogini temple nearby and I have already described it in another post. After that, I came back to the ghaat again to suck on my disappointment. This is exactly when a boy with aforementioned Kareena fascination offered me to show the rocks from a different angle. I walked with him, crossing thorny bushes and he took me to several strategic points from where I could get a better view of the rocks. I could also manage to catch some local boatmen. Eventually this short detour was not that successful but at least I got an idea about the marble rocks. However Jabalpur has many more attractions and I will need a separate trip for the same.

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Traveller FAQs:

How to reach the Marble Rocks?
They are located in a place called Bhedaghat on the banks of river Narmada near Jabalpur which is a large city well connected with the rest of the country. Bhedaghat can be reached by bus or auto-rickshaw easily from the city.

Best Time to Visit?
The region looks great in monsoon. But boating is closed during this season. So, visit after mid-October if you want to have a closer look at the rocks.

What else to see here?
Try the ancient Chausath Yogini Temple for some exquisite sculpture and then go to the Dhuandhar falls slightly higher up.

Jitaditya Narzary

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  1. Nice post and shots.
    Are all these rocks marble?
    Do you have any idea about the timings for the boating in the river for the tourist?

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