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Sri Surya: Hills of Oblivion

The hills of Sri Surya in Goalpara district of Assam is its most important archaeological site that has Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain remains of [...]

Sivadol of Sivasagar: Nostalgia of a Doomed Dome

The original Kolosi (Kalasha) or vase-like structure at the top of the Sivadol in Sivasagar or Sibsagar was made of pure gold. It was too me [...]

Charaideo Maidams: Hobbiton on the Hilltop

Charaideu maidams are a series of hemispherical mounds that are graves of Ahom Kingsm at a dstance of 30 KMs from SIvasagar town. [...]

Mechuka: Not That Far Yet Too Far

Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh is situated near the Chinese border and is one of the farthest destinations in India being groomed as a tourist [...]

Hayagriva Madhab Temple, Hajo

Hayagriva Madhab Temple in Hajo is named after Hayagriva, the horse headed avatar of Lord Vishnu. As is the case with most Archaeological si [...]
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