Shoja to Jalori Pass: Slopes of Iris

The area around Shoja and Jalori Pass blooms with delightful Iris flowers in the month of June. Time it well to experience these magical vie [...]

Cheni Kothi: The Two Towers

Cheni Kothi, or Chaini Kothi is a small village near Jibhi, known for an ancient fort like structure. Although it is called a fort, to me th [...]

Kheerganga: Trek to Disappointment

Kheerganga is a trek that has become too popular of late, mainly due to the popularity of Kasol as a hippie joint. It receives a regular flo [...]

Kalga: A Near Utopia

Kalga is a beautiful village on the Kheerganga trek where people can halt at night and avail delightfully cheap accommodations. [...]

Bridges of Mandi

Mandi is generally bypassed by most travellers in Himachal en route to more touristy destinations. But the city has a charm of its own. [...]

Mechuka DIY Travel Guide

Mechuka DIY Travel Guide a comprehensive guide to Mechuka with everything you need to know including information about public transport and [...]

Barot to Lohardi: Along the Lamba Dag

A short walk from Barot to the small village of Luhardi along the river Lamba Dag. [...]

Video: Around Vijay Mandal and Begumpur Masjid

I have been planning to make videos on forgetting Delhi monuments for ages. Here is the first one of the lot featuring Vijay Mandal and Begu [...]

Barot: Simple Joys

Barot is that sort of a place that takes one back to a more innocent era. I also soaked in the laidback air and experienced simple joys of [...]

Bir-Billing: Golden Harvest

The #60DaysOfSummer started with Bir-Billing. Here are a few scattered postcards from the backyards of those Kangra villages. [...]

Hayagriva Madhab Temple, Hajo

Hayagriva Madhab Temple in Hajo is named after Hayagriva, the horse headed avatar of Lord Vishnu. As is the case with most Archaeological si [...]

60 Days of Summer

The long Himalayan summer begins. [...]
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