Grandest sale on travel by Thomas Cook India

Jitaditya Narzary

Is a traveller disillusioned by the familiar and fascinated with the unknown... and of course the founder of this blog.


Remember those days when you watched exotic foreign locations on TV and films and sighed because you were unlikely to ever reach those places? You are not alone, most Indians have been through this phase because of the costs involved in foreign travel. Hardly any Indian travelled to the foreign shores on their own as a tourist until recently. Few lucky ones got jobs abroad and helped their relatives see a different world once in a while but overall Indians were never very frequent travellers until the millennials came along.

Actually, travelling for pleasure remained an alien concept for the Indians because the focus was always on saving money and funding more important activities such as building a house or funding the education of the children. But the situation has surely changed in the recent years as the millennials have taken to travelling in a big way. In the olden days, rarely did one come across an Indian backpacker, solo rider, or a mountaineer. But the newer generations are free-spirited and ambitious in this regard and they are always looking for new experiences. However, the cost considerations still remain. After all, travel, especially the foreign ones, does cost a reasonable amount of money and makes people think twice before spending.

Thomas Cook India has understood this and decided to shake up everyone with its grand holiday sale. They are evocatively saying that “Ab poora India Ghumega”, almost as if to fulfil the latent desires of several generations of Indians. They are offering huge discounts on many foreign travel packages and also they are also targeting the vacation period. It is noteworthy that most Indian families travel during the summer vacations when the Indian plains sizzle in 45 degrees and the children get long vacations in schools.

So, as a part of this sale, Thomas Cook is offering a flat 15000 rupees off on every package. On top of that, there is a 5% cashback on STANC Credit and Debit Cards. All the offers can be availed independently and there is no pressure to club multiple offers and spend more.
These offers include many trips in the countries like UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Egypt and South Africa. Closer home, there are many offers to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, UAE, and Bhutan. For good measures, they have also included some domestic packages to perennial favourites such as Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal, Kerala, and Andaman. Some of the Asian trips also have the provision of a taking a child under 12 years of age for free in case he or she is accompanying two adults.

So, the vacation period is about to begin in a couple of months and so is the deadly summer. As per the meteorologists, the temperatures will soar even higher in the Indian plains and many records will be broken. Considering these reports, it is not a bad idea to stay away for a while during the peak of the summer. So, if there ever was a time to book your dream holidays at a dreamy price, this is it!

The last date to avail this offer is 10th March. Time is running away. Book your dream trip right now.

Jitaditya Narzary

Is a traveller disillusioned by the familiar and fascinated with the unknown... and of course the founder of this blog.

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  • 2017/03/09 at 11:50 am

    This seems to be a bonanza for travelers. A nice offer especially considering that summer is at the doorstep and the holidays are in the offing.


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