Monthly Archives: December 2016

Streets of Bundi: Azure Reverie

Bundi is a living, breathing, art gallery. The walls are filled with joyous and colourful figures. However, unlike the big metropolises, the [...]

Delhi Textile Trail: A Journey Through Threads, Textures, and Time

Delhi Textile Trail: A Journey Through Threads, Textures, and Time with Jaypore, Mura Collective, Kamayani and Living Light. [...]

Create Perfect Portraits Even at Night with Vivo V5 Moonlight Selfie

The 20 MP camera n Vivo V5 can be useful for many purposes and the moonlight selfie is basically an enhanced technology designed to intellig [...]

London Dreams Coming True with British Airways This Season

British Airways is trying to woo more foreign tourists by offering various exclusive shopping deals and discounts. [...]

Five Detours in the Ahmedabad Mumbai Route

If you do have time in hand, many quick detours are possible in the Ahmedabad-Mumbai route ncludiing Adalaj, Lothal, Champaner-Pavagadh, Dam [...]

The Valley After The Flowers

In September the Valley of Flowers National Park starts drying up. But clear skies can offer good views of the Nanda Devi and other peaks. [...]

Bhavishya Badri Trek: Future Deity… and some Serendipity

I realized that one can trek to the temple of Bhavishya Badri (Future Badri) from Tapovan near Joshimath. Not much info was available about [...]
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