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Best holiday travel apps for real estate agent

Jitaditya Narzary

Is a traveller disillusioned by the familiar and fascinated with the unknown... and of course the founder of this blog.

This generation certainly belongs to the smart phones. With smart phones daily courses of work in almost every sphere has taken wide turn and have been vastly facilitated with the utilities it has come in.  Going back two decades, the economic reforms also entered the Indian stage, bringing in turst quotient among the worldwide investors who had been looking forward to invest in India, the country with immense possibilities.  Thus there was no surprise when real estate domain emerged as the sector with maximum growth other than the IT industries. No doubt, the real estate boom has surpassed the marginalized concept of organized housing and has elevated itself to the aura of luxury and comfort which Indians were not acquainted with living within Indian geographical boundary.  Recently the real estate sector also has witnessed the use of smart phones in tandem. Especially as far as the apps are concerned, one can certainly see technology has been an integral part to the real estate domain. If anyone looks at the vast way housing.com app is downloaded and installed every day, one can certainly have a glimpse of it.  These days looking in to the present situation, the roles of estate managers have been paramount. They not only cater the prospective buyers or one looking for rent but also effectively help it out in the whole search procedure.Real Estate

Holiday travel app and real estate agent

Holidaying is one of the most luxurious habits ever since the last century. Gone are those days of unorganized holidaying where you get stuck in the middle of your journey or you struggle to get room accommodation or end up making unnecessary expenditures. In other words, one can definitely say holidaying has gone up to a different level of experience where expectation meets desire in the best comfort. Certainly it is one of those sectors directly linked with the real estate domain. Although there have been so many tour packages available, many of them end up forgetting various basic amenities. Often it is seen that in case of emergency or catastrophe the tour operators just don’t take up the responsibility or leave the tourists aside. At present this whole concept of holidaying has taken a new turn and real estate agents have come to the forefront.  As far as HomeSnap is one of the useful apps which allows real estate agents to search by neigbourhood, city, zip address and others.  Asana is another free to do list app which helps the agent to make a note of the do’s and don’ts as far as real estate is concerned.  Taking notes or other details can be best done with Evernote which is a notepad sort, a useful app for regular roamers like the real estate agents. IFTTT is another useful automation tool which enables to manage other apps in the smart phone with much ease and perfection.  Google Calendar or Sunrise Calendar can be of great help in case of holidaying as it would hugely aid in managing the date of arrival, return and other formalities.


For those who are planning for a holiday trip can certainly contact with real estate agents. If you are going in Noida for example you can certainly look forward to best property dealers in Noida or property consultants in Noida. The field agent app can also help you out in the whole process.




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