Parashar Lake: Dead Autumn

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Parashar Lake (2)

The last leg of my late autumn Himachal misadventure took me to Parashar Lake (or Prashar Lake as pronounced by the locals). It was not a very satisfactory experience. So, I will not spend too much time describing it. Not that it was totally disappointing but it was just not the right time. I have seen lush green monsoon images of the lake. I have also seen winter images covered in snow. But this early November trip had none of those to offer. The dry grassland was made even more unappealing by unfavourable weather conditions. Hazy and characterless sky and weak light killed most of my photographs. Anyways, I still recommend the place, but at a different season of the year.

Reaching Parashar Lake:

Parashar Lake is around 49 kms from Mandi, which is a reasonably big town well connected with the plains. Mandi is one of the major stops on the highway that eventually connects the plains to Manali. But the problem here is that the lake does not exactly fall in any of the regular routes and so there is no public transport available and you have to pay extra and hire a private vehicle.

I asked the hotel manager to get someone and a local guy with a Maruti Alto was arranged. We started at around 9 am in the morning. The first half is easy as it goes through an older and shorter route leading to Kullu (Not the highway). But after some time it takes a diversion and the rest of the road is narrow, not so well maintained and was also broken at a couple of points. As a result it made the progress extremely slow. We stopped once to have tea at a roadside shop and finally reached the top after 4 hours.

Parashar Lake (14)

Parashar Lake (1)

At the Prashar Lake:

The lake in itself is a unique sight with a distinctive floating island, even though the weather had played spoilsport. The reddish autumn hue of the grass made me feel a bit morose. The temple dedicated to Sage Parashara is situated by the side of the lake. There are smaller adjacent settlements and some eateries too. A basic but innovative “ropeway” is used to transfer goods from nearby points.

Parashar Lake (6)

Parashar Lake (11)

The temple is an active and functioning one complete with a priest and a noticeboard asking people to remove shoes before entering the precinct. There is a statue of the sage inside the temple but I wasn’t sure it is actually dedicated to the Vedic sage or was it someone else. The current temple was apparently built in the 13th century.

Parashar Lake (3)

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Parashar Lake (9)

Parashar Lake (10)

Back to Mandi:

The descent was marginally faster but got a couple of better views as the sun finally turned up. I still think I choose the timing wrongly. Nevertheless, next year I will be back in the region with much more ambitious plans.

Parashar Lake (12)

Parashar Lake (13)

Parashar Lake: Traveller FAQs

How to Reach Prashar Lake?

First you have to reach Mandi which is around 430 Kms from Delhi en route to Kullu and Manali. You can take any Manali bound bus and get down at Mandi. Otherwise you can take a train to Chandigarh and then a bus from there. You can hire a private vehicle to visit the Parashar Lake and come back. They normally charge between INR 1500-2000 for this.

What is the best time to visit Parashar Lake?

You can visit in the winters if you like it to be snow clad. But in the monsoons it looks more vibrant and as colorful flowers dot the green hills. Autumn seemed a bit off to me.

What to see near Prashar Lake and Mandi?

Apart from Parashar, Mandi itself is a nice little place with several old temples. You can visit Barot etc or move towards Aut to explore regions near the GHNP. Otherwise you can get buses to Karsog and explore Chindi, Shikari Devi, Kamru Nag etc. Some of these involve treks and so avid high monsoon to be on the safer side.

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  • 2013/12/02 - 9:16 pm | Permalink

    We went there in 2007 and loved it. We stayed at the forest department guest house, My nephew stayed at the temple dharamshala! Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    • 2013/12/02 - 10:29 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Mridula for dropping by… yeah I forgot to mention the forest Guest House… its a nice building near the lake…

  • 2013/12/02 - 10:13 pm | Permalink

    Wow…what a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing! Himachal is incredible!

  • 2013/12/02 - 11:32 pm | Permalink

    Amazing… I am thinking of getting North India posting in my next transfer…:-)

  • 2013/12/03 - 7:59 pm | Permalink

    It still look appealing, compared to all the lakes disfigured by so called development. Thanks for sharing.Lovely photographs.

  • 2013/12/03 - 10:53 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful place. Nice article.

  • 2013/12/04 - 9:11 am | Permalink

    Awesome post and photographs

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  • Anish
    2015/06/15 - 6:04 pm | Permalink

    Great photographs! I’m thinking of visiting the place later this month. Looks really far from the crowds.

  • Jeetu
    2015/09/13 - 9:35 pm | Permalink

    Hi , u mentions 4 hours drive , from Mandi 4 hours to parashar lake ? U said only 45 Km , right ?

  • Seema Yadav
    2016/02/23 - 11:42 pm | Permalink

    Seems to be a nice weekend get away.planning to visit shortly from Chandigarh.

  • 2016/02/27 - 5:50 pm | Permalink

    Nice article Jitaditya. I’m planning to go there on the mind weekend of 24th March. Have you been there around that time, any clue if there would be snow?

    Also quickly wanted to know, if we come from Delhi, and take a bus to Kullu, do we get off at Mandi? Or easier to go up Baggi from Kullu? I take it treks start from Baggi?

    We’re planning to reach Mandi, Kullu by 25th Morning 5-6 AM.

    And have to take a bus back to Delhi on the 26th evening/night/ 27th morning . Would that be enough time? Do help me if you can…

    • 2016/02/27 - 5:57 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Srinivas… I have not been there at that time but as far as I can see… there should be snow…

      The basic trek should take no more than 5 hours… rest you manage according to your convenience…

  • Alka Punn
    2016/03/12 - 6:04 am | Permalink

    Hi jitaditya I’m planning to visit on 24th. Is it possible to do camping of your own near lake. Would u recommend some place? We will bring all the camping thingswith us…thanks

  • akshay
    2016/03/12 - 1:41 pm | Permalink

    What about wild life there ? Any bear sightings ? anyone died on the trek ? Just wanna know as I wanted to go there alone in summers. Please suggest

    • 2016/03/13 - 12:14 am | Permalink

      Bears? I really doubt it… it is not that remote… unless you lose your path and go deep into the jungles, I do not think any wild mammals will be visible…

  • Priya agrawal
    2016/03/26 - 4:31 pm | Permalink


    I am planning to on 9 10 April next month to Prashar lake.
    Kindly guide me if this time is good to go there.
    Your kind response is awaited


  • Malem
    2016/05/13 - 1:55 am | Permalink


    I’m planning to trek to Prashar end of this month. Can you please let me know if I can carry my own tent and camp there? Or, if I need to make any advance booking in order to camp my own tent?

    • 2016/05/22 - 11:49 am | Permalink

      Yes people do that. Not sure about permissions. I think you can just go and peg your tent. But do ask some locals to be on the safer side.

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  • Mitra
    2016/05/22 - 7:50 am | Permalink

    Is there any overnight stay arrangement at parashar?

    • 2016/05/22 - 11:41 am | Permalink

      There is a Forest Rest House… depends on availability I think… not sure if new facilities have opened in the last couple of years…

  • Bir Chand Sharma
    2016/05/24 - 8:56 pm | Permalink

    Well written and informative article. I would like to visit the place in near future.

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