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Food Panda: Enabling a Lazy Evening

Jitaditya Narzary

Is a traveller disillusioned by the familiar and fascinated with the unknown... and of course the founder of this blog.

So why am I suddenly talking about an online food order service? Simply because I feel like doing so. Last night I was bored, and was feeling especially lazy, even to get out of my room. So I explored Food Panda to order my dinner and I am writing this because I was satisfied by the efficiency of the site.

The reason for my surprise was because sometime ago I had a not so happy experience with a similar service. This was mainly because it lacked the intelligent interface. It took my order without asking whether I would like to pay online as the target restaurant only offered cash on delivery. But I had ordered in the first place because I did not have cash and wasn’t willing to go out to get cash. This basic but glaring problem made me cancel the order that night. But with Food Panda I was happy that they had given enough thought about these small but practical issues.

So, it is as easy as it gets. Choose your location, locate a restaurant, check the menu and prices and select what you want.



Checkout did not give any headache either.

So, Food Panda, which already has a bigger network abroad, seems to be taking the right strides in India too. It is already present in 11 major Indian cities. I wish it expands more and also expands its services to include drinks and smokes for lonely crusaders at night. On a more serious notes, I like the effort to customize according to local needs. Categories according to different regional cuisines are a clever touch. I just hope they delve deeper and unearth more categories and sub categories of the diverse range of food options India has to offer.

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