Kasol: The Promised Land

Israelis, Jewish Cuisine and Chillums... what o expect in Kasol [...]

Chalal: Under the Blossoming Apricot Trees

Chalal is a small village near Kasol. A walk to it offer great views along the Parvati Valley and in the spring apricot blossoms wash it wit [...]

Malana Trek: A Democratic “High”

Trek to the Malana Village near Parvati valley known for its unique secluded culture and ancient democratic traditions. [...]

E-Governance in Tourism: A Unified Approach

I am not saying anything new or revolutionary here. But I’m sure even by implementing such simple measures of digitization, tourism in Ind [...]

A Perfect Day: Sultanpur and Bhindawas Sanctuary

About birds, jungles and life after a trip to Sultanpur and Bhindawas Sanctuaries not far from Delhi. [...]

Spotting Sarus Cranes near Sultanpur

View of a Sarus Crane in the middle of lush green fields is always a brilliant spectacle. My wish of capturing it finally came true near Sul [...]

Nilgai and Blackbuck Sightings and thoughts on Polygamy

Nilgai and Blackbuck Sightings near Sultanpur and Jhajjar, near Delhi and Gurgaon. [...]

Money Saving Tips for Budget Travellers in India

Money saving hacks for extreme budget travellers in India. [...]

Published: WWF Mesmerizing Landscapes Calender

Valley of Flowers Photograph published in WWF Calender [...]

Jonbeel Mela: Dying Innocence

Jonbeel Mela is a primitive barter fair in Assam where people gather to exchange agricultural goods without using money. A tradition that is [...]

Round Up-2014

I want to list out my limited adventures this year... month by month... so that I can try to improve them next year. [...]

Kerala Blog Express: Vote Begging

Well… I am not good at asking for favours. Nevertheless, I have to since I am taking part in the Kerala Blog Express Contest which may [...]
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