Shergarh Fort: Roaming Around the Ravines

The ravines (or the beehads) of Chambal, once home to the most dreaded bandits, are hard to describe in words. The entire valley seems to be [...]

Bhainsrorgarh: Reflections on Chambal

One day I came across a photograph of Bhainsrorgar Fort atop a little hillock on the banks of Chambal. There was the reflection of the same [...]

Machkund Temples Dholpur: Pushkar in the Ravines

Machkund Temples complex near Dholpur has mythological stories related to it. [...]

Mechuka: Instagram Teaser

Teaser images from the Mechuka trip. Check the next post for more details. [...]

Jamali Kamali: TCBG_Trips With Rana Safvi

Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb at Mehrauli Archaelogical Park has some of the best craftsmanship you will see in Delhi. [...]

Humayun’s Tomb: 360 Degrees

A 360 degree view of the Humayun's Tomb in Delhi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with many other monuments in and around the co [...]

Tughlaqabad: A Walk Around the Necropolis

A Walk around the Tughlaqabad area covering the Fort along with Adilabad Fort and Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq's Tomb. [...]

Kaziranga Orchid Park: Trying to Save What We Are Losing

Visiting the Visiting the Kaziranga Orchid Park and pondering over biodiversity. and pondering over biodiversity. [...]

Chitrashala: Taragarh Fort Bundi

Bundi is the centre of Hadoti school of Rajput arts known for its vibrant depictions of mythological and historical events such as Krishna L [...]

Sultan-e-Garhi: Connecting the Dots

Sultan Ghari or Sultan e Ghari or Sultan Garhi or Sultan-i-Garhi is the grand memorial in Delhi that Emperor Iltutmish built for his son who [...]

Bundi: 84-Pillared Cenotaph and Sukh Mahal

Bundi monuments: 84-Pillared Cenotaph (Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri) and Sukh Mahal [...]

Badoli Temples: A Forgotten Pratihara Masterpiece

Badoli Temples are not a very massive complex but it has been sculpted with such detail that one feels an urge to photograph every square in [...]
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